Ge revolution evo 64 slice ct

Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Revolution CT. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Revision History Page 34 4. Page Chapter 1 User Information Anyone who operates this system should have received prior training before they attempt to scan patients.

This training should include medical and X-ray education, If necessary, additional training is available from a GE Applications Specialist. This manual does not provide medical explanations, but it does suggest potential applications for some of the software features.

User Manual: This manual contains all the user information required to operate the scanner in a safe and proper manner. Use only GE approved equipment together with this system. Grandview Blvd. It is important for you to read and understand the contents of this chapter so the correct precautions and procedures are followed. They are explicitly not to be regarded as a sole incontrovertible basis for clinical diagnosis. Read and understand information in manuals before operating product.

Do not lean on or move when connected to power. Make sure that accessory is latched to underside of cradle. Excessive weight can break accessory and cause injury. Patient injury or equipment damage could result.

You may also see this statement as a warning. Page Radiation Safety All persons authorized to use the equipment must understand the dangers posed by X-ray exposure so that they can prevent any injury or damage that may result from such exposure. GE Healthcare urges you to use protective materials and devices to prevent any injury or damage from X-ray exposure.

A warning message is posted when a scan is stopped by the backup timer. Scout dose is not included in the DLP totals since standards for reporting scout dose are not yet defined.

Do not connect additional extension cords or outlet strips. It may create increased electrical leakage current and there is possibility of electric shock. All components within the system are provided power on a common ground, so all the components are suitable for use in the patient environment.

Use of RF Radio Frequency sources that intentionally transmit, such as cellular telephones, transceivers, radio-controlled products, or other RF emitting equipment may cause performance outside the system's published specifications or other adverse operation.

This is because the cradle may bend slightly under a patient's weight. Emergency Stop — When pressed, all table and gantry motions are halted, generation of X- rays is stopped, laser alignment lights are turned off.

Illustration Scan Control Interface Number Description Emergency Stop Button Press an Emergency Stop button in the event of a patient related emergency or if the cradle, table or gantry starts to move unexpectedly. The facility designer determines the quantity and locations of the Emergency OFF buttons. GE recommends placing an Emergency OFF button near the doorway of every room in the system scan suite. The reconstructed orientation is the orientation the image is installed in the image data base and is the orientation images are networked with to a remote viewing station.

Page 84 It is important to place new leads on the patient before the scan. It is important to confirm ECG trace clarity before the scan. You should be aware that the real measurement accuracy is generally less for a number of different reasons image resolution, acquisition conditions…. Ideally, voxels should be isotropic with the same dimensions along all three axes.New customer?

Sign Up. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. Revolution EVO is designed with purpose of operation in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

GE Healthcare has more than detector systems installed worldwide. Discover TrueFidelity CT images and new ways of using Revolution EVO Gen 3 - such as high resolution, fast rotation, high throughput, advanced applications for referring physician and innovative services to provide the community.

Introducing a new era of image reconstruction. Where deep learning does its learning matters. A deep learning image reconstruction application is only as good as the training it receives. The Clarity Imaging Chain was completely redesigned for Revolution EVO Gen 3 to deliver high spatial resolution, so you can clearly see details as small as 0.

With the IQ Enhance pitch booster, you can scan a chest in as fast as two seconds with mm per second acquisition speed to help shorten patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality. Revolution EVO Gen 3 features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients. SnapShot Freeze: Reducing motion blurring in vessels by up to a factor of six, SnapShot Freeze facilitates your diagnosis by freezing coronary motion even in higher-heart-rate coronary CT exams.

It delivers a 58 msec-equivalent gantry speed with an effective temporal resolution of 29 msec 3. Dual-energy imaging allows easy configuration of back-to-back axial or helical scans of the same anatomy at two different X-ray energies kVs. Intelligent solutions to help you transform your workflow tangle into a streamlined pathway enabling you to focus on the most important, your patients.

Keeps getting better by giving you access to the latest available capabilities every day you own it. If customers cancel the order, we will refund all payments that received from customers, excluding the delivery costs only after the goods has been received to us.

GE Revolution Evo ES CT Scanner

When refunding to customers, we will use the same means of payment that customers used for the original transaction, unless something else was explicitly agreed with customers. We will not bear the costs of the return shipment of the goods and we will deduct the pick-up fees for return products from refunding amount.

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Comparing CT Manufacturers and Models: Choosing the Best CT for Your Needs

The Clarity Imaging Chain features: The Performix 40 Plus tube with its stable dual focal spot for better precision and its 0. Highlight Clarity detector inherited from the breakthrough technology introduced on Revolution CT. Smart Dose Technology Revolution EVO Gen 3 features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients. Dual-energy Imaging Dual-energy imaging allows easy configuration of back-to-back axial or helical scans of the same anatomy at two different X-ray energies kVs.

Smart Subscription Keeps getting better by giving you access to the latest available capabilities every day you own it. Tube Watch Reduce disruptions.Purchasing medical equipment isn't that much different from buying a car. First you need to decide your budget, then you need to balance what you want with what you actually need.

However, when buying a refurbished CT Scanner, there are several additional factors to consider, such as:. These are important factors to consider, and it's not easy. It seems that if you're not a radiology machinery expert or a medical physicist, it's no wonder why the CT buying experience can be an assured headache inducer.

This guide will explore important features of used CT scanners you should know about, and how different CT manufacturers and models compare and contrast. CT Carol, a radiologist from a bed hospital, is at a CT equipment convention with all of the major manufacturers and their scanners. She has a modest budget but has to make the most of it. While walking through the convention, she creates a rubric to objectively compare different scanners.

Her first consideration is price, and then she compares the quality of important features and the benefit they provide. Like most potential buyers, CT Carol has a budget that must meet the needs of the facility she represents.

Medical Specialties

When factoring the cost of the system itself as well as installation costslooking at slice count provides a decent overview of the price of a CT scanner.

For instance:. Next to price, slice count is considered one of the most important features a CT buyer should understand. Slice count is like the engine of the machine, and simply knowing the slice count can illuminate some of the CT scanner's technical capabilities.

For instance, a higher slice count reduces scan time and produces a high-resolution image for some types of studies. However, higher slice counts, such as to slice, is overkill for the diagnostic imaging needs of most hospitals; the CT's advanced capabilities are often required only in cardiac or research institutions.

Understanding slice count when making a CT scanner purchase is a topic that could easily fill a book, and so here are a few fundamental considerations:. Some experts claim that understanding slice count isn't as important as it once was, and, today, the feature to really consider is effective dose optimization. Our fictional radiologist, CT Carol, makes dose optimization as important as slice count. Due to the demand for lower radiation exposure, many CT manufacturers are emphasizing improved dose modulation techniques, such as:.

Iterative reconstruction IR is also another important consideration. IR is a data reconstruction protocol for dramatically reducing noise and dose.

It is often reserved as a feature for premium systems, but some manufacturers offer it as an add-on. Knowing each of these components, and how they affect everything from diagnostic performance to service costs, can be helpful in making an intelligent CT scanner selection.

Now that you know some basic considerations for an informed CT purchasing decision, you can better compare the top CT manufacturers — GE, Philips, Siemens, and Toshiba. For this comparison, we'll look beyond slice count and dose optimization, and, instead, examine the general consensus of these scanners as well as some important attributes of popular models.

GE Healthcare is one of the leaders in computed tomography technology, and GE's range of scanners have an acclaimed reputation for durability and ease of maintenance. In general, GE CT scanners cost more than other models, and a few reasons for this include:.On that latter end of the spectrum, there are also some systems that, unless something big changes soon, are unlikely to ever come out from under the yoke of OEM service.

If you're hoping to purchase a CT and save on service and parts by working with an independent service organization ISO and third-party parts suppliers, the following are three systems you may want to avoid.

Please note that none of these remarks are a commentary on the quality of a system, but rather the access owners have to parts and affordable support for it. Before BodyTom, only extremity CT could be used in the mobile sense. These are software-heavy scanners, so patches are constantly required and Neurologica is less than eager to support third-party engineers with software or parts.

If support were less guarded and the system were offered at a better price point, I suspect the BodyTom would be one of the most in-demand in the world, rather than a rounding error in market share. These scanners come in64, and slice varieties. Being manufactured in China and owned by a Chinese company, gaining market share has been tough in the USA and much of the rest of the world.

With such a small market footprint, very few NeuViz scanners come out on the second-hand market, so third-party parts supply is non-existent. However, since they use local distributors there is opportunity for engineering support and there is good customer service from the corporate office in Texas and from many of the local distributors. I believe this is, in part, because Hitachi has gone out of their way to lock down service and software.

Getting any information from them is nearly impossible, even data as basic as tube count and software options. Despite Hitachi's products being well-made and reliable, their value is decimated on the secondary market. The systems we've discussed here might be a perfect fit for your clinical needs, and your budget might have enough flexibility to include service coverage through an OEM.

If, however, reducing service spending is your goal, you'll be better served by choosing a more mainstream CT scanner with broader, less expensive availability of parts and service.

In either case, our team is ready to help you find the scanner you're looking for. If you need additional information or are ready for a quote, you can tell us about your project with the banner below to learn more.

Use these 3 major guidelines to begin your Here are top Imaging Equipment Service CT. NeuViz Scanners by Neusoft These scanners come in64, and slice varieties. The Takeaway The systems we've discussed here might be a perfect fit for your clinical needs, and your budget might have enough flexibility to include service coverage through an OEM.

Related Posts.By Jof EnriquezFollow me on Twitter jofenriq. The U. Food and Drug Administration FDA has granted GE Healthcare's low-dose computed tomography CT device a screening indication for the early detection of lung cancer, making GE the first manufacturer to receive such clearance. GE stated that all new slice-and-greater CT scanners, as well as almost all of its slice CT scanners, will have the screening indication based on internally-developed imaging protocols.

Those protocols are gleaned from recommendations by professional medical and governmental organizations, including the U. Moreover, Medicare members who undergo low-dose CT scans for lung cancer screening can now secure reimbursement.

Like other types of cancer, lung cancer that is detected early is linked to better prognoses. Currently, just 15 percent of lung cancer cases are detected at an early stage, and the five-year overall survival rate is only 17 percent.

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. GE says its new low-dose CT system will make lung cancer prognosis better by detecting small lung nodules that are indicative of lung cancer at its earliest stages, when it is most treatable.

According to GE's websiteASiR, or Adaptive Statistical iterative Reconstruction, is an image reconstruction technique that may allow reducing dose by up to 40 percent across exam types, while maintaining image quality pixel standard deviation.

The company says the National Lung Screening Trial NLSTwhich studied 53, patients with a history of smoking, demonstrated that low-dose CT lowered lung cancer deaths by 20 percent compared to standard chest X-ray screening.

GE Revoluton EVO – System Description

Ella Kazerooni, chair of the committee on lung cancer screening, American College of Radiology, in the statement. Get the latest industry news and expert insights delivered straight to your inbox!

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Product Details. Advancing the role of CT is no longer just about technology. It''s about designed. Understanding your needs. And designing the best solution to meet those needs.

Revolution EVO is designed with the purpose of operating in the reality of now while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

With Revolution EVO, you can get the high resolution you need, make low dose routine and accomplish more in your day. It enables you to serve the widest variety of patients today - while positioning your institution to rise to the challenges you''ll face going forward.Our skilled staff would love to handle this for you! All we need is a doctor's order. Have your doctor fax the orders to Roundup Memorial Healthcare Radiology at Our Staff.

General Radiography offers exams for virtually any body part. These exams are performed in a special x-ray room and may consist of several individual images. Depending on the exam, you may be asked to stand sit or lie down. You will need to hold still for while we take the X-rays. Computed Tomography CT uses x-rays to create hundreds of images of the body part in question.

These images can then be reconstructed and displayed in several different angles or in 3D. For these exams, you will be asked to lie very still on a special table that moves you through the CT machine. Some studies require preparation and may include the use of an oral and or an intravenous IV contrast. This is a significant upgrade from our previous machine.

Ultrasound does not use radiation. Instead, like sonar, directed sound waves bounce off of structures in your body and that information is converted into an image. Some studies require preparation and special instructions the day prior to your exam. The Bone Density Scan Dexascan uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to produce images of the inside of the body usually the lower spine and hips to measure bone loss.

These images are an essential tool for diagnosis of osteoporosis. The new scanner will allow providers to assess an individual's risk for developing osteoporotic fractures while giving patients access to up-to-date technology close to home.

Even if you are seeing a specialist in Billings, your doctor can order your scans to be done locally and then can be electronically sent to your doctor. Cardiac Monitoring. We also offer 2 cardiac monitoring tests. If you have any concerns, please contact the Radiology Manager, Matt Bealedirectly at Need a radiology exam and want to do it locally?

Holter Monitors are 24 or 48 hour heart monitors. The main difference is that the Holter Monitor stays attached to you when you go home and monitors your heart for up to 48 hours.

You will need to come back in after the test is complete so we can remove the monitor and send it to be read by a cardiologist. We try to apply Holter Monitors Monday-Wednesday so that it can be removed before the weekend.

Deliver rapid, accurate, precise and confident diagnosis. Designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping you utilize CT scans and.

The Revolution EVO has a continuously rotating x-ray source and detector array. It can be used as a whole-body CT scanner for general imaging.

The Revolution Evo is a high end, cardiac capable 64 slice, 64 channel CT scanner. featuring a liquid bearing tube that has a capability of less-wear of. ASiR or ASiR-V: · mm spatial resolution: · Tube Watch: · Smart MAR: · Smart Cardiac technologies: · CT post-processing powered by AW. imaging services with a slice GE Revolution EVO CT Scanner.

“The new CT scanner fits perfectly with our mission to care for. Rotation Speed, sec ; Slice Thickness, mm ; Spatial Resolution, mm ; Efficiency, Up to 40% ; Technology, MITA CT IQ Phantom.

[iv] As demonstrated in clinical evaluations on Revolution CT, Revolution EVO and Revolution Ascend consisting of cases where each case was. GE low-dose CT lung cancer screening protocols are tailored to the CT system, patient size and the most current recommendations from a wide range of. CT Systems. Company. GE Healthcare Revolution EVO. Supria 16 64 row slice. 32 detector rows;slice. slice. 64 rows. slice Recon. Revolution EVO is designed with purpose of operation in the reality of now, while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

GE Healthcare has more than. December 15, — The Revolution CT, Revolution HD and Revolution EVO CT scanners are now offered with a wider range of capabilities to. Revolution EVO. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.

JAPAN. FACTORY OF ORIGIN. GE HEALTHCARE JAPAN CORPORATION., Japan acquired 64 slices, reconstructed slices. The GE Revolution EVO slice imaging provides higher degrees of resolution, clarity, and definition. This can be critical to any patient. 64 slice CT: ~$, to $, When buying a CT scanner, there are additional costs for essential components.

GE Revolution EVO System Computed Tomography

If you're not going for the full "turnkey". Know how much a CT scanner costs after reading this blog post. Meridian's experts broke down different financing options and pricing for.

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center has a slice GE Revolution-evo CT Scanner with ASiR technology which enhances patient safety through reduction of radiation. Computed Tomography (CT) Scan. Our GE 32/64 Slice Revolution Evo CT scanner is the industry standard for CT scanning. This incredible machine opens.

Our 64 slice GE Revolution EVO offers exams from heads, chest, abdomens, angio studies, and low dose lung screenings. These are just a few please call. 40 mm detector CT systems installed worldwide. Discover TrueFidelity™ CT Images1,5 and new ways of using. Revolution EVO Gen 3 – such as high resolution, fast. New GE Revolution EVO CT Scanner ; Visits, ; Minimum scan time (sec), ; Number of slices, ; Maximum patient weight (kg),